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Political Candidate in St. Petersburg, Florida

Maria L. Scruggs wants to better serve her community and has therefore decided to run for county commissioner of District 7 in Pinellas County. Currently living in St. Petersburg, Florida, Maria's experience and dedication make her the perfect political candidate for the position.

Meet Maria
Maria L. Scruggs has served her community since the age of 16. Her decision to run for Pinellas County Commissioner in District 7 is merely a
continuation of her committment to public service.
As the youngest of three children, her twin Maurice is 6 minutes older than Maria, she was raised to believe that she could achieve anything if she was willing to work hard. After graduating from Northeast High School Maria went on to earn her Bachelor of Sciene degree in Criminology from Florida State University (FSU) Maria has previously been certified in three law enforcement academies, basic recruit, Florida Division Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco, and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement Special Agent Academy (F.D.L.E.)
Maria earned her designation as a certified public manager, from FSU's school of Public Management and in 2010 graduated from F.D.L.E. Leadership Academy. Maria currently manages special projects for the Community Corrections Division at Orange County Corrections.
Maria's service has not been limited to public safety, she has worked in public housing, healthcare, community and neighborhood development. As the project director for the Sisters For Breast Health Program, the community based education program reached over 3,000 women in south St. Petersburg, where women learned the importance of breast health. It was by participating in the Sistah parties over 30 women detected lumps in their breast and ultimately were diagnosed early with breast cancer. Maria was honored by BMW as the local hero for furthering the cause of eradicating breast cancer.
Maria's strive for excellence and love for children has been exemplified in her work within Jordan Park and the Childs Park neighborhoods. In the Jordan Park Hope VI project Maria developed a comprehensive after school tutorial program, where the focus was not just preparing children to pass the FCAT, but preparing them to compete in a global society. In Childs Park, Maria developed the program design that resulted in $1/2 million dollars going to the Childs Park community for youth programs. Maria worked dilligently with community residents to develop programs such as the Childs Park Jr. Rattlers and the Lightening Bolt Youth Academy that continue to strive today. Maria is well respected for her no-nonsense approach in achieving results which lift the community and not her.
Maria is the mother to Shelynn Weston, stepmother to Bernetta Weston-Davis, and Nana to Danny Davis IV and Quincy Davis. 

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